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We tell stories…your stories.

Life is about stories. Collections of events, people & moments that collide together at particular times for particular reasons. As we come together and share these stories, our lives find greater meaning and purpose and we discover a part we play in the greater story of life.

We created lifethreads albums because we’re visual and we love stories. What better way to tell the important stories of your life than through a beautifully printed custom designed hand made book, canvas print or photographic memento?

lifethread albums combine the finest photographic & fine art printing with state of the art machinery and good-old-fashioned hand-made attention to give you an album as unique as you are. We treat each album, canvas or print we make as through it were a piece of art, not just an order.

People use our albums for:

  • Wedding Albums
  • Engagement Albums
  • Tribute Albums
  • Heirloom / Memorial Albums
  • Retirement Albums
  • Boudoir Albums (little black books)
  • Baby’s First Year
  • Graduation Albums
  • Portrait Shoots
  • Special Vacation Memories

Anything really…the only limit is your creativity

See your story come to life today!

FOR THE DISCERNING PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER – hand crafted bespoke flush mount albums

  • we do it ourselves: Our entire process is “in-house” – we do not outsource. When you purchase a lifethreads album, you are investing in an heirloom quality product that will last for years.
  • premium materials + artisanal craftsmanship: Every detail matters. We constantly evaluate our materials & our construction process to ensure that each element of your album is the best it can be.
  • true photographic (RA4) printing: We only print using premium professional grade Fuji photographic papers in our High Definition silver halide (RA4) print process. The result?
  • Accurate colour and archival quality.
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